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About Us

Frankface is located 40 minutes north of Toronto, Ontario, in the community of Vandorf. We live with our dogues on 10 acres of organic farmland, surrounded by protected forest on the Oak Ridges Moraine. We spend countless hours feeding, walking, grooming and just being with them.

Choosing to breed was a deeply considered decision and we are incredibly fortunate to have the continued support of a resolute mentor. Margaux, Baci and Fig were our first loves and sparked our adoration. Over time, we got a feel for the showring, talked with breeders around the world and watched what was going on not just in Canada but internationally – seeking, gathering and sorting information. Another few years were spent patiently waiting for the girls that would dictate and mould our future – Milestone’s Hershey’s Kiss & Milestone’s J’Adore Noir – our foundation. These girls will always be pivotal to the decisions we make, remind us why we do what we do and will forever inspire an unparalled standard.

The Bordeaux is a working breed and we are proud to have produced pups that participate in obedience, agility, dock diving, lure-coursing, scent detection and barn hunt events.  We only use positive force-free training and do not support the use of aversive training methods.

We are members of the Natural Rearing Breeders Association and focus on breeding and raising dogs with healthy balanced immune systems.  We vaccinate our breeding dogs only as required by law and forgo the use of monthly tick, flea and Heartworm preventatives.  Our years with this breed have taught us that holistic practices yield greater results than reactive medicine. Our dogs and puppies are fed a raw prey model diet and enjoy lots of outdoor time year round.  Our mission is to improve the health and longevity of the breed without compromising the breed standard. As natural rearing breeders, trainers and ethical caretakers of this incredible breed we are still learning and evolving and most importantly, sharing our knowledge with others.

Here,we share our love of living with this breed.