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Frankface Oat of This World - Oats

Date of birth: November 7th, 2016

Oats is the son of our beautiful Milestone’s J’Adore Noir and the ever handsome gentleman, Shrimpmyster Snatch.   From the moment he was born we knew he was a keeper and he simply had to stay.   From the earliest days, Oats made us laugh.   A picture of pure athleticism, focus, and working ability, he is a lean machine with a Tigger like bounce.   A true couch potatoe in the house (unless, of course, he is bored), Oats is hopelessly devoted to his family.  Gathering  kitchen rags, helpfully removing the cardboard from the recycling, protecting us all from the garden hose, Oats is a remarkably clever boy that is higly trainable and always willing to work.   He enjoys walks, chasing chipmunks, and long rides in the car.  Gently siphoning frogs and toads out of the pool to make friends is always a joy to watch.   A fresh snowfall is just about his favourite thing ever (besides helping in the kitchen and playing ball).   We look forward to years of entertainment from this young man!


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